5 Copywriting Tips for Your One Page Lettera Use a lot of white space and bold headings. Eg, among each section, create a bold heading that clues case examine solution reader in to what they’re approximately to read. Most individuals skim copy – particularly from unfamiliar resources – this makes it much more probably to get read. b Write from a “what’s in it for case examine solution client” aspect of view rather than a “what’s in it for me” element of view. At every turn, reiterate how you may help them make additional cash, save more time, reach more prospects, etc. In business, most individuals either are looking to make additional cash or augment their referral ratio – these are safe objectives to state that you can help them with. The idea of equity sensitivity determines case look at answer quantity to which a person will tolerate inequity. Equity sensitives will experience misery when faced with either sort of inequity: below reward or over reward. Benevolents will experience distress and doubtless guilt once they are in a situation of over benefits. Because benevolents don’t always seek out beneath reward, they could not event distress when in an equitable courting. Entitleds adventure misery when in an equitable or below advantages situation. The Equity Sensitivity Construct is useful to working out equity theory and individual behavior.