This way, case study solution scheme restricts sales to only those sources which are authorized by case study solution respective governments, though case look at solution effectiveness of case study answer manner is brought into question by some entities. The Golconda mines are of superb ancient significance not only to gemmologists and gem enthusiasts, but in addition profession historians. These alluvial mines are located in what used to be case look at answer Golconda Sultanate – both case study solution mines and case look at solution Sultanate deriving their names from case study answer Golconda castle case study solution name is variously translated as Shepherds Hill or case study solution Round Hill. Some estimates in accordance with case examine answer exchange in case look at solution area say that case examine answer area yielded a grand whole of around twelve million carats. It’s also interesting to notice that Golconda and India in case study answer wider experience held case look at answer only time-honored diamond mines in case look at solution global at case study answer time up to case look at solution mid 19th century. Probably case examine answer best typical site was case examine solution Kollur Mine discovered in today’s Andhra Pradesh, which yielded such stones as from case look at solution largest to case examine solution smallest case study answer Nizam Diamond, case look at solution Orlov Diamond, case examine answer Great Mogul Diamond, Daria i Noor and case study solution smaller Noor ul Ain, both cut from case study answer bigger Great Table Diamond, case examine answer Regent aka case examine solution Pitt Diamond, case look at solution Tavernier Blue later cut to yield case examine solution Hope Diamond, case look at answer Dresden Green Diamond, as well as a couple of lesser stones.